jesus on water christopher makim gaiaSouthern Gaul 42 CE

The bow’s deck planks creaked from the small ship’s struggle with the pounding oncoming waves. Joseph of Arimathea turned around to listen then hunched over to hide his face from pinpoint pains on his cheeks like stings of thousands of angry insects. Gale force winds transformed the drops of rain and Mediterranean spray into tiny arrows. The sails billowed and the ropes holding them strained to the point of breaking.

He labored to hear the shouts of the ship’s captain. “Look ahead! Columnae Herculis!”

The Rock of Gibraltar was barely visible in the distance. Seven days ago, Joseph parted ways with Mary Magdalene in southern France to continue his personal quest to Glastonbury. Now, the raging downpour seemed an impenetrable barrier.

He shouted at the top of his lungs. “Captain, make for the nearest port. We cannot proceed!”

“I’ll come about toward Marbella and put the wind at our backs!” The captain cupped his hands to yell the orders to his crew but was paralyzed in astonishment. Suddenly there was no wind. The sun was shining, and there was no rain. The ship gently rocked in a sea as calm as the surface of a mirror. The rigging sagged in the doldrums.

The captain’s jaw dropped. “Joseph, look to starboard! There’s a man walking toward us… on the water!”

Recognition dawned on Joseph’s face. The figure was his niece’s son Yeshua. “Quickly captain, secure the canvas. Get all your men below deck at once.” What the captain saw was entirely possible.

“Yes, sir.”

As the hatch closed, Joseph’s expression softened, and he spoke across the water. “Yeshua, how can this be? What are you doing here? I saw you ascend into heaven.”

“I’ve returned to tell you what you must do.”

Joseph’s brow wrinkled. “What? I don’t understand. As you instructed, I gave up everything to guard Mary and your daughter Sarah for the last ten years. Now I’m traveling to Glastonbury as you commanded. What more can I possibly do? You ask too much of me.”

Yeshua vanished from the surface of the water and appeared next to Joseph who rushed forward to embrace him. Reaching out, his hand passed through Yeshua’s left shoulder instead of meeting flesh and bone.

I must be dreaming, Joseph thought . He firmly closed and opened his eyes, but Yeshua was still there. “You speak to me, but you’re not flesh and blood. Are you real or my imagination?”

The etheric manifestation spoke. “Didn’t the captain see me too? How could I be a hallucination? In Jerusalem, I gave Thomas, John, Judas, Magdalene, and you specific instructions for preserving my bloodline and my personal manuscripts of The Sacred Teaching and The Great Awakening. It’s true I entrusted Magdalene’s well-being and that of my daughter to you, but now, you must complete your next and most important task.”

Joseph’s body straightened and his eyes stared intently at Yeshua. “What do you want me to do?”

“Matthew will come to write I descended into the Earth for three days and three nights after the crucifixion. You are the only person who will know what that means.”

“I don’t understand. I thought I was to establish a church.”

“Yes, but the purpose of the church is to preserve the very Heart of the Earth.”

“What’s that? How can the Earth have a heart?”

“The Earth is much more than lumps of rock and oceans of water. My Father created a living thing. It’s as alive as the fish in the sea, the birds in the air, the cattle on the ground and you, yourself. In fact, all things you call alive and inert exist within it and are part of its life force. Everywhere you search you find it… and me.”

Joseph’s eyes opened wide in amazement. “The Earth alive? It’s doesn’t seem possible but strikes a chord of truth within me.”

“And like any living thing, the Earth has a spiritual heart.”

“My mind is spinning, but if you say it, it must be true.”

“I taught you all human hearts are connected with energy flowing among them.”

“Yes, points in the hearts of men… and you said the same energy was in animals too.”

“It’s everywhere and in everything… men, animals, plants, earth, air, and water. Everything is connected in the spiritual heart of the Earth.”

“A sea in which the hearts of men and animals exist…”

“Yes, but it’s much more. The Heart of the Earth, the Hearts of Animals, and the Hearts of Men are not distinct. They resonate with each other. The Heart of the Earth is also a portal into the subtle realms of Angels and Demons. It’s the Earthly focus of the struggle between good and evil. The Elohim try to control it so Angels can manifest, and Lucifer seeks to dominate it to open mankind to the influences of his legions. When he tempted me in the wilderness, he wanted to govern the Earth’s Heart through my own spiritual heart. The Heart of the Earth is the kardia that all spiritual forces, virtuous or bad, enter.”

Joseph shook his head from side to side. “What can I do? I have no knowledge of such things and am just one man.”

“In Jerusalem, I foresaw immense darkness influencing mankind for two millennia. Lucifer already established his reign on Earth and sought to consume the Hearts of Men by darkness. I had to protect the Heart of the Earth to thwart the further intrusion of evil and protect my teaching for the Great Awakening. I journeyed to the Heart and placed a sacred seal on the portal to the subtler realms of good and evil. It hinders the passage of demonic presences and restricts evil influences from reaching the Hearts of Men. Sadly, it also limits angelic presences. At the time of the Great Awakening, men’s hearts will be prepared for this seal to be opened.”

“How do I fit in and why am I going to Glastonbury?”

“Just as there is a physical location on the human body where spiritual heart energy focuses, there is a physical focal point for the Heart of the Earth in Glastonbury. It’s the location of my sacred seal. Start a church in there to continue protecting the divine feminine energy flowing through Magdalene. Guard the seal itself until the time is right to usher in a new age of goodness. Until then, foster an unending quest for righteousness in the Hearts of Men through myths and legends I will impart to you.”

Joseph nodded. “I will do ask you ask, master.”

“I will appear to you again. Now, go!”

The figure of Yeshua slowly dissolved. A brisk wind arose blowing toward the Pillars of Hercules. Joseph called out, “Captain, come here. Raise the sails. We have a favorable wind and must continue our journey.”