NEW YORK, 2035

After more than a century of precise planning and meticulous manipulation, the Ingolstadt Directorate was not about to tolerate any disruption to their schemes. Too many were touting the latest social holomedia sensation as mankind’s next best hope.

On a moonless night in New York, it was still possible to find darkened lairs. Klaus Schmidt and his colleague, Sebastian, waited in such a hideaway outside the West 62nd Street service entry of the David H. Koch Theater. The security cameras were disabled, and the city’s street lights were deactivated to cloak their entrance. Both were dressed entirely in black and had the latest subcompact Glock G57 laser burst pistols tucked snugly in concealed holsters in their jackets.

Klaus looked up and down the road. Convinced no one was in sight, he touched the micro-button on his VisiCom infrared glasses. Darrion Chadwick, in the Directorate’s Belgium office, appeared in the head’s up display. “Ready, boss.”

Commanded from thousands of miles away, the opening garage door startled Klaus. “Get in quick! Hit the switch on the wall and stop this racket.”

“We’re in undetected,” Klaus reported.

“Excellent. Turn on your live feed. You watch Makim. Tell Sebastian to activate his camera and scan the audience. I’ll assess Makim’s threat on this end and give you further instructions.”

“Ja, Verstaan.”

“We hacked the VisiSecure system there. Your security access chips are active now. Go anywhere. You’re completely unobservable.


On the opposite side of the building, people entered after waiting two hours in the snow.

“It was worth the wait. Christopher Makim is all I hear about on the net lately. He’s supposed to be something wonderful,” a teenage girl wearing a tattered denim coat and sporting matching blue hair said to her friend.

“Yea, I was going to watch this on streaming media, but there something important about seeing a celebrity live.”

“I’ve heard he has extraordinary powers and is very cute!”

Audience speculations sounded like the buzz of a thousand chirping crickets.

From the left, Abby overheard, “My parents say he’s the leader of a cult. We need to be careful about anything he says.”

“He’s a scientist like Einstein, taking quantum physics to a whole new level,” said a voice in front of her.

Another voice on the left argued with the first, “No, he’s the next Avatar. You know… like Krishna, or Vishnu or Gandhi…”

A man on the right said, “I think he’s the biggest danger our country has ever faced.”

“My priest says he’s a heretic,” said an old woman with white hair on the right.

“No! You’re wrong. He is a very spiritual man,” the middle-aged person next to her answered.

“Can you believe this?” Abby said to Allison in amazement. “All these people think they know Christopher even though they’ve never met him.”

“People love to gossip on community holomedia. There’s nothing like cherished hearsay,” Allison said.

“They don’t know Chris like we do.”

“How could they? We’ve been working with him every day in secret, and you’ve known him since Harvard. Tonight may start to change things.”

“He certainly thought it was time to go public. Plus, this is a perfect way for us to take our plans to the next level.”

“Is everything ready?”

“Sure. Nathaniel and I set up the chair and checked the sound system and holographic displays. We did the cleansing ceremony with white sage. Everything is ready. Chris will be out any second.”

Out of the corner of her eye, Abby saw two men avoiding the audience and keeping in the shadows. They kept looking around the auditorium. Something felt wrong. Maybe it was something about the way they dressed. Maybe it was the way they reminded her of movies about robbers casing the joint. Maybe it was her nervousness overreacting.

People barely saw the outlines of the black, leather-upholstered chair waiting in the center of the darkened stage for Christopher’s appearance. A few noticed the faint lingering odor of burnt sage.


“The Directorate thinks this Christopher character might be a problem,” Klaus faintly whispered into his friend’s ear. “Let’s see what his so-called magic is tonight.”

“Ja, maybe we’ll be able to eliminate the issue,” his comrade answered, gently giving the grip of his Glock G57 a reassuring pat.

“It depends on the orders we get.”

Schmidt couldn’t tell his subordinate about the classified briefing he attended at the Brussels office of the Ingolstadt Directorate. He knew the threat represented by the young man about to speak was real. “Come on. Let’s get into a better position. The small room to the left of the central balcony should be perfect.”



The house lights dimmed, a spotlight illuminated stage right, and a deafening silence passed like a wave through the auditorium. A well-built, nearly six-foot-tall speaker in his early twenties gracefully walked out from the wings toward center stage. He was built like a martial artist, strong but not overly muscular, with short shaggy chocolate brown hair and light bronze glowing skin. He wore moccasins, tight-fitting black cotton pants, and an unbuttoned black satin jacket. The single most striking feature was a white Peruvian cotton shirt with an intricate oversized red Cross of Lorraine centered over his chest.

Christopher Makim delicately sat down. Gasps spread throughout the audience responding to a white glow emanating from his bronze face and masking the chair’s black background. Larger-than-life, three-dimensional projections of him appeared on each side of the stage to help those in the back of the building see the man they came to hear. He briefly closed his eyes, took a few deep, calming breaths, and sensed the audience. A touch on the tight-fitting turquoise and silver necklace activated the wireless microphone in it, and he began to speak in a calm, almost hypnotic voice.

“Welcome. Welcome, my friends. It is my pleasure and joy to have you here this evening. You are in the vanguard of a dramatically new direction for humanity, and I want to thank you for your presence.

“Please turn up the lights on the audience. I want to see everyone.”

The room illuminated, and Christopher sensed every member of the crowd feeling a brightness in their hearts and an unexplained sense of connection with each other. For many in the auditorium, this was enough. They didn’t need to hear a single word. Even so, he saw everyone’s eyes focused on him.

“My talk will be brief tonight because, frankly, it is time for you to do and not listen or think. You’ll have the chance to do in a few minutes. I’m sure some of the things I say will puzzle you. If you find something gnawing at your mind to the extent it’s impossible to hear more, hold up your hand. One of my friends will bring over a mic so you can ask your question. Don’t be shy. I want to hear what you have to say.

“At this precise moment, good and evil are the critical choices we face on a planetary level. Everyone agrees there is both good and evil… or as some would say, light and darkness. I suspect most of you think mankind is steadily progressing toward the light. That’s the common mythology, but the truth is good and evil rise and fall in cycles… long cycles. They dance a counterpoint throughout recorded history spiraling further and further into the darkness. Now, despite our enormous technological achievements, destructive deeds are literally threatening humanity’s existence on the Earth. The downward spiral must end. The tide is about to turn.”

A hand in the audience went up. “Do you think the Earth is in danger?”

“No, the Earth will solve its problems. The question is whether human beings will be part of the solution.”

A young woman in the first row stood to ask, “Where do good and evil come from? I never understood why God created both?”

“Who knows? Humans trying to understand God is like a dog trying to understand calculus. So, stop trying. What is, is. In the instant scientists call the Big Bang, God created a universe of duality. Part of duality was what we call a good, Angelic realm and an evil Demonic realm. They are real worlds with real living beings existing independent of our space and time. Humans can touch them in visions and dreams. Entities there can manifest on Earth as Avatars like Krishna, Buddha, and Christ or as Demons like Satan and the Jin. They can influence the thoughts of men to create saints like Francis and Milerapa or evildoers like Hitler and Genghis Khan… and the same Angelic or Demonic presence can manifest simultaneously as different people and at distinct times. It is all the mystery of Creation.”

“So, does that mean Hitler and Khan could be the same Demonic being?”

“Exactly… and so could Krishna and Jesus. What we humans on Earth see is a projection of their higher dimensional existence… kinda like your shadow on a wall is a projection of you. A shadow doesn’t give anyone the full picture, and there can be more than one.”

An elderly man stood. “So, God made good and evil at the same time, right? Does that mean neither is better than the other and nothing matters in the big scheme of things?”

“Do they matter to you? Do you care if you do good or evil?”

“I always try to do good. It’s vital.”

“Of course. We don’t think like God. So, in the little corner of the universe we live on, good and evil are two different things, and they’re important. The Bible’s Elohim created the Earth for good. God didn’t look at creation and say it was good or bad. The goal was to create goodness. But somehow Earth transformed into a theatre for the struggle between the fundamental cosmic forces of light and darkness.”


“It’s too complicated for this lecture. Let me say you only need to be concerned about the connection between evil and ego.”

A hand went up in the audience, and Abby took over a mic. “None of this makes sense. I believe in science. If I can’t perceive realms with my senses or mind, how do I know they are anything but imagination? Scientifically, how can you say they exist at all.”

An uneasy feeling coming from somewhere in the balcony distracted Christopher. At that moment, Klaus wondered how this clown spewing a bunch of philosophical mumbo-jumbo could possibly be a threat to the most powerful men in the world. What did it have to do with the things that mattered like power and money? His partner reached inside his jacket to reassuringly confirm the presence of his weapon again.

“You believe in science. Do you believe in atoms?”

“Of course.”

“Yet, you can’t perceive them with your senses and mind. The senses are limited. Mankind had to invent the tools and mathematics to see the world at the atomic level. Now, most people can’t see into the realms, but throughout history, there were people with not so ordinary minds. They could perceive these realms, and, when they did, they created faith in others that transcended ordinary reason.

“For now, let’s get back to good and evil.”

Another hand went up, and Allison took a mic. “I don’t understand. Isn’t mankind born into a state of sin? Isn’t that what salvation is all about? Didn’t evil exist before man? Satan brought it into the Garden of Eden.”

“Being born in sin is one way to think about it. The Buddhists believe people are born perfect and become influenced by the three poison minds. Kabbalists say separation from the spiritual worlds is sin. The effect is the same. We each must do something about our existing condition. Adults don’t perceive their fundamental connection to the universe… to the network of life. They suppose they’re distinct entities with no connection to each other, to the other beings around them or to God. It’s the quintessential illusion and delusion of mankind. We all fail to see our connection to everything, and that brings us to the actual nature of good and evil.”

A woman in the front row asked, “Wait… I’m not connected to things around me. They are all separate objects with an existence of their own.”

“You think of yourself as an individual and see the world as consisting of cars, planes, tables, flowers and the myriad of other things and people. Naturally, you envision yourself that way. Look at the person on each side of you. Do you see yourself as the same being? Of course not. Yet, physicists know with complete certainty there is an underlying quantum unity of you, them and everything around you. The delusion of separateness is the root of evil because it inevitably leads to the pursuit of self-interest above everything else. The more you feel separate, the more your mind is resonating with the demonic realm.”

A middle-aged woman’s hand went up. Abby walked over to her. “What you say is all exceedingly philosophical, but so what? What does it have to do with anything? How do I deal with good and evil in the real world I live in?”

“There’s an eternal struggle for each of us to return to our divine nature. Now, ask yourself how human beings can turn away from the evil. Their egos drive the notion of separation, the essence of evil. How can they give that up and find the goodness inherent in the creation of the Earth? The answer is everyone, including you, must be able to see the oneness actually existing. You must be able to see hurting others is hurting yourself… and that requires a shift in perception in consciousness, not a change in what you think about. The shift isn’t about finding out something new. It’s about seeing what’s already there, and I’m here to tell you that ability is within you now. All you need to do is undo what you believe is true. The doorway to good or evil is inside you, and it’s located in your heart.”

“It sounds like what Jesus said!” the woman responded.


“Now, we come to the doing part. Technology opened the physical world for today’s scientists. The truly wonderful thing is my team discovered a technology to unlock the door to the spiritual world of the Elohim, Angels, and Avatars for more human beings. We can use high tech to empower you to see into the subtle realms and begin to understand your essential Oneness again. You won’t have to contort yourself into Yoga positions. You won’t need to stare at a candle or a wall for hours. You won’t have to study esoteric scrolls. All you do is provide us with a sample of your DNA.”

A well-dressed young man stood to protest. “Our DNA! Wait a minute! Who knows what you’re going to do with something so personal. DNA is worse than cyber identify theft.”

“I assure you there’s nothing to be concerned about. You don’t need to leave any identifying information. The procedure amounts to swishing a cotton swab around in your mouth. It’s simple. Depending on your genetics, our technology can provide the key to open the gateway in your heart. It helps you to see the world as it really is, and not as the separation the demons make you see. You will begin to see results quickly, and they will become greater and greater in time. In fact, at this moment you cannot understand how extraordinary your life is.”

“You can still identify us using DNA.”

“Perhaps. Today, right at this instant, you can make a choice to tune into the Angelic realm. There are four tables in the back of the room where you can leave your DNA sample. It’s up to you. Nothing compels you to participate other than your own desire to see. We will stay until everyone who is interested has been sampled. Now, the choice is yours. The voices are coming from the Avatars waiting to tell you they are one with you. You just need to go to one of the tables.”

Christopher turned off his microphone, and his holographic images disappeared. He stood, motioned to the tables at the rear of the auditorium, and glided off the stage.


Klaus couldn’t fathom what he saw and heard. How could DNA and the realm of the Avatars do anything? What did that have to do with world economies and spheres of influence? He was thankful it was all above his pay grade. He touched the intercom micro-button in his VisiCom. “Instructions?”

Darrion said without hesitation, “Terminate him now!”

His partner reached into his jacket, took out the Glock, aimed and pulled the trigger. Click. Nothing happened. Again… click … nothing. Klaus grabbed his own pistol and fired. Clickclick…

“Wat gee?” Klaus said. He attempted to run a diagnostic on his gun. The circuits are gebroke. “Sebastian, check your weapon.”

“Gebroke, boss. It’s fried.”

“Impossible! They were fully functional when we entered the building.” He spoke into the VisiCom, “We’ve had a major equipment failure here. Kan nie verstaan.”

“Abort!” Darrion said, yelling in a furor.

The two assassins quietly abandoned their concealment and rapidly left.

Nathaniel Sinclair slowly materialized in the space they left holding a micro-miniature directed EMF pulse generator.