glastonbury tower christopher makim gaiaGlastonbury 2039

“I never thought I’d ever live in a castle surrounded by a moat,” Abby said.

Allison laughed. “It makes me feel so Maid Marianish. Charles Chadwick is Prince John, and Darrion is the Sheriff of Nottingham.”

Christopher bowed from the waist. “I guess I’m Robin Hood, noble Ladies.”

“And Michael is the plump, semi-bald Friar Tuck.” Tears of laughter started flowing down Abby’s cheeks. “It’s too hilarious.”

Michael, six-foot five-inches and built like a warrior, approached to join the three on their morning walk around the protecting walls of The Bishop’s Palace. “What’s so funny?”

“Believe me, you don’t want to know,” Christopher answered.

“If you say so, but somehow, I think the joke is on me. No matter. Last night we finished moving in all the equipment and set up the quantum entanglement spooky net links to Montana. We’re ready to go.”

“This is a perfect base of operations,” Abby said. “The rooms are spectacular, the gardens are gorgeous, and we’re protected from unwanted visitors by the moat, the fortified wall surrounding us, and the security system you installed. At times, I’m amazed at what the Brotherhood can do.”

Michael shrugged his shoulders. “It’s not such a big deal. Once the government closed the Palace to the public, buying it was easy for our Brotherhood. We thought it was a good retreat even though it’s in the middle of Wells.”

“We’re only ten miles from the Glastonbury Tor.” Christopher said, “It’s not too far, but not too close to draw attention. I want to check it out ASAP.”

“I’ll arrange for a car late this afternoon. I presume you are all going.”

“I’m down for it,” Allison said.

Abby shook her head and held up her hand. “No, I think I’ll hang here and examine all the equipment.”

“I thought so. Once a geek…” Christopher said. “We’ll bring holo-recordings back. While you’re at it look at the status of the genome data for Brazil.”

“Yea, sure. We have the latest updates to the World Genome Database. That should cover us.”

“It may, but I’m concerned there isn’t enough data for people in poverty. They probably couldn’t afford genetic testing.”

“I’ll sniff Brazilian health databases. Some countries test all their citizens but don’t put it on the WGD. I’m not sure why, but it has something to do with trying to leverage the United Nations for funding.”

“The more people in the database, the more we can zap with the scalar waves and make receptive to heart energy.”

“I’ll let you know when what I find when you get back.”


“I love this place,” Christopher said to Michael, walking into the Bishop’s Palace Chapel. “It’s gorgeous.”

“The Brotherhood only made small changes when we converted it to a place for private contemplation. We took out the altar and pews, put in some easy chairs, and added a few medieval-style rugs. That’s all.”

Christopher looked up, then to the left and right. “The five vaulted archways seem to point up to the six-paneled stained glass. It’s strange because the window doesn’t have a religious motif — more like coats of arms and abstract art. Still, the overall impression is inspirational.”

Christopher walked to where the altar once stood. “This is my favorite meditation spot. I feel a lot of energy here. In fact, I had a major inspiration here last night. I don’t want to mention it to Allison and Abby yet.”

Michael stepped next to Christopher. “I thought you three were tight. Why withhold anything?”

“We made some huge jumps in scalar wave technology. L2 only jazzed-up Luxor’s chemistry and optoneurology used in Seattle. We’ll have no problem counteracting it again. Our most important advance is with heart energy. We finally know how to send heart information to people with scalar waves.”

“I thought you were already able to open heart centers in people with the right DNA.”

“Opening a door isn’t enough, and it wasn’t a planetary scale solution. Only some people have Jesus genes, and we were only able to give the ones that do a glimpse of the information flowing through the heart. We gave them the ability to see but didn’t give them much to look at — nothing like what I was able to send to Abby or Allison in our one-to-one sessions.”

“It was enough in Seattle.”

Christopher gave a dismissive wave of his hand. “Because the Directorate was only doing a beta test. Brother Daniel says the Directorate is involved with something orders of magnitude more powerful. We’ve got to be ready, and we are. Now, we can open nearly anyone’s heart. The DNA isn’t as important. On top of that, we can create micro-portals — points in people’s hearts — using scalar technology and pump them full of information from the Angelic Realm… or at least I was able to do that with Abby, Allison, and a few others using my link to the Angels and Elohim. Abby and Allison are excited about these new developments, but we all know it’s still not a worldwide solution. We need stronger information from the spiritual realm. I realized points in people’s hearts will automatically interconnect when there’s enough information.”

Michael lifted an eyebrow. “A heart network… the information comes through the Glastonbury Tor,”

“Exactly. We must open Christ’s seal, the doorway for the Logos energy to flow into kardia, the hearts of men. Once the seal is open, our scalar waves can deliver its energy to people.”

“That empowers them to see with Angelic eyes instead of following the propaganda of the Directorate. Is that victory?”

“In the short term, the Vatican intends to resist the Directorate physically and militarily. We’ll fight the Directorate’s L2 biochemistry and their genocidal virus… but, ultimately, we’ll defeat them on the spiritual level in the Great Awakening.”

Michael pivoted and motioned for Christopher to follow him. “The car is waiting. The Tor isn’t far!”

Christopher didn’t move and lowered his head. “There’s a problem. I don’t have a clue how to open the Jesus Seal. I don’t know how to get into the Angelic Chamber to open it. I don’t even know where the Angelic Heart Chamber is or what to do when I find it.”

“Nor do I.”

“But you’re an Angel.”

“True, but in our Earthly manifestations, we have limitations. The Chambers came to exist when the Earth formed. My memories are limited to the current 26,000-year Earth cycle into which I’m projected.”

“Jesus must have known.”

“His memories aren’t Angelic. They’re of the Logos… memories you should have access to.”

“I don’t!”

“You do. Your first vision was of Giza. That’s important. I was in the Library there. Giza may hold the answer.”

Christopher exhaled deeply. “I don’t know. I can’t connect the dots. In any case, it’s time we made ourselves known to Pope Francis.”

“We need to get to Giza. It’s our only clue. The Tor can wait.”