The Ingolstadt Directorate’s goal to control the resources of the entire planet required an entirely new approach. Their Luxor technology was improved and promised to dominate worldwide elections, but that was not enough. The unproductive masses continued to over-consume the world’s resources and had to be eliminated. They initiated a bold new scheme combining state of the art technology and biochemical advances.

Christopher Makim realized that he and the Brotherhood needed an equally bold plan to eliminate the Directorate and other forces of darkness from ever posing a threat to humanity again… a plan that would shift humanity into higher spiritual realms.


The bow’s deck planks creaked from the small ship’s struggle with the pounding oncoming waves. Joseph of Arimathea turned around to listen then hunched over to hide his face from pinpoint pains on his cheeks like stings of thousands of angry insects. Gale force winds transformed the drops of rain and Mediterranean spray into tiny arrows. The sails billowed and the ropes holding them strained to the point of breaking.

He labored to hear the shouts of the ship’s captain. “Look ahead! Columnae Herculis!”

The Rock of Gibraltar was barely visible in the distance. Seven days ago, Joseph parted ways with Mary Magdalene in southern France to continue his personal quest to Glastonbury. Now, the raging downpour seemed an impenetrable barrier.

He shouted at the top of his lungs. “Captain, make for the nearest port. We cannot proceed!”

“I’ll come about toward Marbella and put the wind at our backs!” The captain cupped his hands to yell the orders to his crew but was paralyzed in astonishment. Suddenly there was no wind. The sun was shining, and there was no rain. The ship gently rocked in a sea as calm as the surface of a mirror. The rigging sagged in the doldrums.

The captain’s jaw dropped. “Joseph, look to starboard! There’s a man walking toward us… on the water!”



Rajesh Choudhary’s sedentary lifestyle and fifty pounds of excess weight took a toll on his knees. He ambled to greet Darrion as he stepped on the landing pad. “Welcome, Mr. Chadwick. We’re glad to see you here again.”

Darrion extended his hand in greeting. “It’s good to be here. It looks like you’ve trimmed down a little. But, Raj, please call me Darrion. We’ve seen each other at least once a month since the Directorate acquired Friendly twelve months ago.”

“True, but I want to keep up appearances for the rest of the staff. They are assembled in the Boardroom.” He gestured toward the glass-walled conference facility straight ahead.

“As you wish. Tell me how everything is progressing.”

“Marginally better than the last time we spoke. We have robots that look like people, and they can do the work that people do, but the subtleties of human interaction continue to elude us. Young children can easily tell our bots are not people.”



“I never thought I’d ever live in a castle surrounded by a moat,” Abby said.

Allison laughed. “It makes me feel so Maid Marianish. Charles Chadwick is Prince John, and Darrion is the Sheriff of Nottingham.”

Christopher bowed from the waist. “I guess I’m Robin Hood, noble Ladies.”

“And Michael is the plump, semi-bald Friar Tuck.” Tears of laughter started flowing down Abby’s cheeks. “It’s too hilarious.”

Michael, six-foot five-inches and built like a warrior, approached to join the three on their morning walk around the protecting walls of The Bishop’s Palace. “What’s so funny?”

“Believe me, you don’t want to know,” Christopher answered.

“If you say so, but somehow, I think the joke is on me. No matter. Last night we finished moving in all the equipment and set up the quantum entanglement spooky net links to Montana. We’re ready to go.”

“This is a perfect base of operations,” Abby said. “The rooms are spectacular, the gardens are gorgeous, and we’re protected from unwanted visitors by the moat, the fortified wall surrounding us, and the security system you installed. At times, I’m amazed at what the Brotherhood can do.”


“Watch with your heart,” Michael said climbing the final steps to the top of the hill.

Christopher focused his attention inward. “I see it… lines of energy above the tower. They seem like rivers flowing above the earth. One connects directly through the top of the Tor. I discern a green glow through the window. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“If you think that’s impressive, wait till we reach the archway.”

Christopher turned the corner. “It’s like an energy fountain bursting from the floor.”

“Join me,” Michael said stepping into the energy flow. He began tracing the patterns of circles revealed in the Hall of Osiris with his left hand.

“Now, we unlock the Chamber, Christopher said as Michael finally traced Yeshua’s name in Angelic Script.

glastonbury tower christopher makim gaia


Klaus Schmidt monitored four killer drones acting in unison. One entered the Pope’s apartment, another flew to the top of the dome in St. Peter’s Basilica, the third hovered next to the painting of God touching Adam in the Sistine Chapel, and the fourth invaded the headquarters of the Swiss Guard. Each contained military grade plastic explosive, metal shrapnel, and incendiary shrapnel designed to inflict the maximum possible damage. They exploded at exactly the same moment. Immediately after the blasts, four surveillance drones followed to report results back to Schmidt.

The Papal residence was a flaming inferno. The blast pulverized everything. Francis must have perished. The Basilica’s dome collapsed and crushed the tourists standing under it. Bishop Escobar was scheduled to be there but escaped death when he paused to take a holo-call. The priceless works of Michelangelo, Botticelli, Perugino, Rosselli, and others were left fractured and scorched beyond repair.


“What are the chances we’ll be detected? The river seems pretty open.”

“The computer says three percent. The satellite infrared doesn’t show anyone along the course we’ll follow, and our gear will detect any electronic reconnaissance in plenty of time to change direction… and there’s Sergeant Esposito’s new toy.”

“The parrot?”

“Yes, sir,” the Sergeant said like a proud parent. “It’s something special… the latest in drone tech. The original Parrot drones were just quad-copters. This is state-of-the-art bio-syth. Take a look.”

“It looks like a bird!”

“A scarlet macaw to be precise… jam-packed with surveillance electronics — ultra HD 3D visual and infrared, long-range audio, UHF radio monitoring… the works including AI analysis of its observations and satellite-link microburst reporting. Despite all that hardware, it’s so lifelike it could be sitting 10 meters away, and you’d think it was a real bird. Want to see?”

Captain Ricci slapped the Sergeant on the back, somehow feeling he should be getting a cigar. “Save it. I’m already impressed.”

Scarlet Macaw Christopher Makim Gaia
Tree Of Life


As before, everything pulsed blue-green light except the lifeless Tree of Life on the floor, but somehow it remembered Christopher and a pale emerald vortex emerged upward from the Da’at circle in the Tree’s center.

Sandalphon, take your position in Malkut at the root of the Tree, Christopher thought. That anchors us in the mundane world.

The angel stepped on the circle, but nothing happened.

Perhaps you need to start somewhere else, Michael thought.

Of course, Christopher responded. The Heart comes from higher spiritual realms, and we need to trace its descent. Metatron, take your position first.

Sandalphon vacated the Malkut circle, and Metatron stepped into Keter at the top of the Tree. It glowed white and sent a shimmering light down the righthand channel from Keter to Cokhmah.

Raziel, it appears it’s your turn, Christopher thought.

The angel stepped into the Chokhmah circle, and it began to shine a blue light. The left channel from Keter to Binah illuminated, showing which Angel was next.

The Tree of Life came alive circle by circle and channel by channel as the Angels took their places. Finally, Christopher stepped into Da’at. The light of the entire Tree began to pulsate, expanding to fill the Chamber.