Golden Orb in Angelic Ether


In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

The Book of Genesis

Six radiant golden orbs coalesced and converged in time-transcendent, formless Ether. Michael summoned Raphael, Nathaniel, Jarahmeel, Jophiel, and Raziel from the Angelic Brotherhood. He spoke, “Again, evil waxes and good wanes in the Great Cycle. Mankind spirals further into darkness and will threaten its own existence on Earth. Our Brotherhood intervenes once more to ensure earthlight survives.”

“So, as before, we entwine ourselves in human history for the next seven thousand years,” Raziel, the keeper of secrets said to the assemblage. “Sacred knowledge must not be extinguished.”

“As it has been and will always be,” Michael said, sensing Raziel’s frustration.

“God’s mind is unfathomable. Why have endless cycles of good and evil?” Raphael, the healer asked. “Didn’t God command the Elohim to create a Cosmos and Earth of goodness? How did it transform into a battleground between light and darkness? Why do we need to cleanse the hearts and minds of mankind time and again?”

“Even Angels cannot fully comprehend God’s mind,” Michael answered. “Give thanks you are not in the Demonic Realm. Tortured by confusion, they do what they are commanded… as we must. They perform the dance of darkness in the cosmic ballet.”

“Suffering comes from a limited view of the fullness of time and space,” Nathaniel, keeper of the Spiritual Gift of God, said. “They are trapped in endless desire and taking, seeing only a thousand years as an instant. Demons have not received God’s Gift and can never understand the import of what we do.”

“And we see only 24,000 years at once,” Michael said. “Angels do not comprehend the full knowledge of God either.”

A larger, brilliant white orb appeared before them radiating intense rays in five different directions in space and time.

“Behold! the Avatar shines into the dark in different Earthtimes,” Jarahmeel, the protector, said.

“So, we must be about God’s business before the portal through the Heart of the Earth is closed,” Michael said with authority. “Raziel, be at the River Yamuna in Mathura, India now. The Avatar of Light awaits you there and in Lumbini-624CE.”

Raziel traced a mental circle in the Ether and envisioned his destinations in space and time. Visualizing his name in Angelic Script in the circle’s center caused two intense lights to emit from his orb and form human shadows on the Earth next to Krishna and Buddha.

“Nathaniel, guard the Avatar of Awakening. Be throughout his life. Now you are needed in New York-2035. Be there immediately,” Michael commanded.

Nathaniel performed the Angelic projection ritual, and his human form appeared outside the David H. Koch Theater.

“Jarahmeel, you protect the Avatar of The Hope of Spirit and his teaching. Be in Jerusalem-3BCE for his birth and throughout his life.”

“His is the most difficult and critical role to counter the darkness,” Jarahmeel said, projecting his earthly form.

“Jopheil, be in Tibet-25 and China-1425 to ensure the light of the Avatar of Hope is preserved. Attend there now. Raphael and I are already in these Earthtimes and elsewhere throughout all seven thousand years. There will be further instructions for you at the time of the Avatar of Awakening. Now our Brotherhood must pass through the open door to Earth.”

The orbs scattered and dispersed. The Ether was formless again. Angelic intervention through the darkness was underway.