Once again, six golden orbs coalesced and converged in formless Angelic Ether. Michael, Raphael, Nathaniel, Jarahmeel, Jophiel, and Raziel, all members of the Angelic Brotherhood, gathered to celebrate the coming end of the Kali Yuga and the reemergence of light in the Earth’s 24,000-year cosmic cycle. Each of the Brother Angels had cast their human shadows into different Earthtimes to assist the ancient avatars Krishna, Buddha, and Jesus. They intervened throughout the last two millennia to ensure Jesus’s teachings about light and His genetic bloodlines survived to usher in The Great Awakening for all mankind. Now there was a reason to rejoice.

Michael spoke, “Christopher, the child of the Awakening, is coming of age.”

“Michael, Nathaniel, Jerahmeel, and I saw him at birth,” Raphael said. “Michael protected and educated him.”

“Nathaniel, the task falls on you see to his well-being as he becomes a man and realizes his spiritual inheritance,” Michael said, realizing the force of history about to confront the young boy. “The Breath of God awaits him.”

“I shall do so.”

“We must prepare him for his battle with the forces of evil and their human sycophant allies. Get ready for the struggle between the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness to intensify again.”

Penetrating light shafts radiated from two of the orbs and connected the shadow human forms of Michael and Nathaniel already on Earth. Then, the lights slowly diffused back into the ether.

CHINA, 2033

Christopher, Allison, and Dr. Sinclair saw two Chinese men waiting when they stepped off the maglev train. At first, there was nothing distinctive about them. They wore blue jeans, t-shirts, and jackets, and looked like all the other people waiting for passengers. Then, Christopher noticed their shaved heads and muscular builds and saw Dr. Sinclair’s name floating in the air between them. He surmised they were their Shaolin reception committee.

As they approached, the taller man spoke in perfect English. “Brother Nathaniel, Christopher, Allison, welcome to Luoyang. Master Lu sends his greetings.”

Christopher wondered, Brother Nathaniel? Why call him that? It must be some form of respect.

Dr. Sinclair recognized the two monks from the holoimages he received before leaving Boston. “Thank you for meeting us.”


The Master took an antique bronze key from inside his robe, inserted it into the lock and turned it clockwise. The latch groaned from lack of use with a metallic scrape desperate for oil. The door creaked open on its iron hinges, and Christopher saw it was at least four inches thick. He guessed it must weigh several hundred pounds, but Master Lu pushed it open with a single effortless movement of his right hand. Christopher gazed into a small room illuminated by the flames of several dozen candles. It was evident that the chamber was prepared in advance.

Christopher stood motionless with his eyes transfixed on three golden statues and a Tibetan thangka with the Star of David. His Boston vision was in front of him. Now, the figures of four heavenly beings in each of the corners were clear. They looked more like angels than Bodhisattvas typical in Tibetan art, but that didn’t surprise him. He already knew the thangka was a curious blend of Eastern and Western symbolism.

MONTANA, December 2033

Allison had never been in a helicopter before, let alone an X-3C stealth, private jet helicopter like the one she found herself in. It was a thrill zooming at three hundred fifty miles an hour over the rugged Montana landscape a mere fifty feet above the ground. The X-3C used an advanced version of the terrain recognition software developed for cruise missiles by Raytheon in the early 2010s to follow every twist and turn of a small river cutting through the dense forest. Despite her essential faith in automatic guidance computer technology, there was a gnawing feeling in the pit of her stomach that the four-passenger craft might plummet into the icy water at any moment. It helped to grab on to the arms of the plush captain’s chair she was sitting in so tightly her knuckles turned white.

“It’s gorgeous,” she said seeing the patches of snow and ice clinging to rocky cliffs. They were the last remnants of glacial flows that once enveloped the entire three-thousand-foot mountain on her left.

“You should have seen it before the onslaught of global warming,” Nathaniel said.

Then she gasped. “Oh god!”

The autopilot made a sudden, steep left bank and started heading into the rising terrain. Allison wondered where the digital controls were taking her. Nothing was there — nothing but more rugged terrain. Why did they leave the stream?

Girl, have faith in the technology. She thought. The laser altitude control is making sure we don’t hit the treetops. This is like riding the world’s best invisible roller coaster. Her knuckles got even whiter.

Without warning, they topped a ridge ahead of them, and a small emerald green glacial lake appeared below. Its surface was like a polished mirror, and the autopilot seemed to slow and take a slight turn to the left to avoid disturbing its calmness.

“Wait! Wait! We’re heading toward a craggy cliff. What gives?”


Darrion stood. “Let me introduce Dr. Friedrich Erhard. The Directorate funds his research in biochemistry as one part of Project Checkmate. Dr. Erhard made a significant breakthrough and is here to personally inform you of his progress.” Darrion gestured toward the man that was now the center of focus in the room. “Dr. Erhard.”

With a thought, Dr. Erhard established the link between his personal ComServ and the holographic projector in the middle of the table. A rotating image of the earth appeared in the air with a group of countries highlighted in green. “Thank you, Mr. Chadwick.” He reached out to shake Darrion’s hand.

“You all know Project Checkmate’s goal is to secure and maintain control of governments throughout the world. Since the Second World War, the Directorate focused on installing easily influenced men in critical government positions, including many heads of state. You can see by the green countries on this globe, this was particularly successful in the majority of the third world. We successfully installed men who act on our behalf by increasing their financial wealth using our banking interests and building their armies with our arms manufacturers and black ops training teams.”

Upload Image...


Christopher sensed Raphael reaching out to him. Raphael went through the ritual of drawing the circle, but Christopher didn’t need to. In an instant, Christopher was in mind to mind contact. Yes, Raphael. What is it?

The Directorate suspects the nature of my presence here. They’ll be taking serious action before the night is over.

Understood. I’m contacting Michael. After a few seconds, Michael’s image appeared in the greenish glow. Michael, do you perceive the problem?

Yes… in both your minds. We can’t take chances. Raphael, prepare to leave now. Abandon everything there. Set all the critical equipment to self-modify. When you’re ready, contact Christopher again, and he’ll see that you reach the Redmond office.

It shall be so.

Raphael shifted back to ordinary consciousness and started preparing. First, he entered the secret code that caused the insect-like listening devices to dissolve into what looked and tasted like bits of jelly. He picked up the laptop and transmitter and entered a second secret code causing the microburst and surveillance software to be wiped from the device. Then, the Brotherhood’s secret adaptive electronics technology shifted the circuitry to eradicate the microburst circuits and make them look like they were part of any off-the-shelf laptop.

Christopher felt Raphael again. Are you ready?

Yes, all the sensitive components have been changed.

Now you must trust me one hundred percent.

Of course.

Step out of the circle. I will maintain the connection with you. Even though you used nothing but your intention to compose the ring, consciously rub it out with your right hand. Make sure there are no energetic traces of it.

I’m doing it now. Raphael was amazed that even after he stepped out of the circle and began to eradicate all traces of it, the green mist in the room persisted. He completed removing it, stood, and saw Christopher’s right hand extend toward him out of the green cloud.

Grasp my arm, he heard Christopher think.

Raphael complied and felt Christopher pull him deep into the green mist. For a moment, he was in the room at the Directorate’s facility and in the Brotherhood’s Redmond facility simultaneously. There was another firm pull on his arm, and he stood next to Christopher.