In a moment of spiritual insight, Jesus realized His mission on earth was to preserve an oasis of light to guide humanity through the coming desert of darkness. After the Last Supper, He met with the disciples Thomas and John, and Mary Magdalene to design a plan that protected his divine lineage and preserved his secret teachings. The Great Awakening would come when the Gift of God reappeared in the DNA of mankind.

The mysterious Brotherhood preserved this sacred heritage throughout the ages, guarding both the precious manuscripts written by Jesus Himself and the secret bloodlines. Finally, Christopher Makim was the anticipated genetic pinnacle of 2000 years that would lead the Sons of Light in the battle with the Sons of Darkness.

Kali Yuga Descending

Six radiant golden orbs coalesced and converged in time-transcendent, formless Ether. Michael summoned Raphael, Nathaniel, Jarahmeel, Jophiel, and Raziel from the Angelic Brotherhood. He spoke, "Again, evil waxes and good wanes in the Great Cycle. Mankind spirals further into darkness and will threaten its own existence on Earth. Our Brotherhood intervenes once more to ensure earthlight survives."

"So, as before, we entwine ourselves in human history for the next seven thousand years," Raziel, the keeper of secrets said to the assemblage. "Sacred knowledge must not be extinguished."

"As it has been and will always be," Michael said, sensing Raziel's frustration.

New York, 2035

After more than a century of precise planning and meticulous manipulation, the Ingolstadt Directorate was not about to tolerate any disruption to their schemes. Too many were touting the latest social holomedia sensation as mankind's next best hope.

On a moonless night in New York, it was still possible to find darkened lairs. Klaus Schmidt and his colleague, Sebastian, waited in such a hideaway outside the West 62nd Street service entry of the David H. Koch Theater. The security cameras were disabled, and the city's street lights were deactivated to cloak their entrance. Both were dressed entirely in black and had the latest subcompact Glock G57 laser burst pistols tucked snugly in concealed holsters in their jackets.

Klaus looked up and down the road. Convinced no one was in sight, he touched the micro-button on his VisiCom infrared glasses. Darrion Chadwick, in the Directorate's Belgium office, appeared in the head's up display. "Ready, boss."

Commanded from thousands of miles away, the opening garage door startled Klaus. "Get in quick! Hit the switch on the wall and stop this racket."

"We’re in undetected," Klaus reported.

Bethlehem, 4BCE

Melchior took a deep breath. He felt calmness pervading his body and his awareness expanding as his senses attuned to the sensations of spirit. His eyes opened. He recognized the intense, sacred light shining descending from the Angelic Realm and filling his vision. It appeared to the three magi months ago, disrupted their individual meditations, brought them together, and instructed them to take this journey westward. The prophecies of the Old Testament and the Masters of the East foretold an auspicious birth.


Magdalene gazed across the small stretch of the Mediterranean before her. It was the last stage of her ten-year flight from Judea to escape the wrath of Herod.

Joseph of Arimathea approached her from the stern of the ship, "Mary, we've nearly reached your destination."

"Yes, Joseph. Keeping one step ahead of Herod has been a formidable challenge. After I revealed Yeshua's resurrection to the apostles, you whisked me away to Haifa where I called myself Atara and gave birth to Sarah."

"Your brother, Lazarus, Martha, Yeshua's mother, and I remained near Jerusalem to divert Herod's guards away from your real location."

"You helped me move from place to place to keep us safe. I don't know how to thank you."

Nicaea 325

The Empire must be strong. A gruff dark voice echoed in Constantine's mind. Make it great again. Solidify your power. You are the true God.

As he waited for his friend Eustathius, Constantine contemplated the monument he convinced the Roman Senate to build commemorating his victory over Maxentius at the Milvian Bridge. The structure was over sixty feet high with three distinct archways and sculpted figures above them. Four statues of former Emperors sat on pillars on each side of the left and right arches, but when people look at it, their eyes focused on the central arch and the inscription above it.

To the Emperor Caesar Flavius Constantinus, the greatest, pious, and blessed Augustus because he, inspired by the divine, and by the greatness of his mind, has delivered the state from the tyrant and all of his followers at the same time, with his army and just force of arms, the Senate and People of Rome have dedicated this arch decorated with triumphs.

He reflected on what he accomplished. It's a fitting tribute to me. I did save the Empire... Now, I'll bring the Empire together by uniting the people in a single religion. The design of the monument is clever. Standing before it I appear above the statue of Apollo behind me. Unfortunate oversight... no Christian symbols on the arch.


After a journey of months, nine weary travelers, the Knights, commanded by Hughes de Payens and his first captain Godfrey de Saint-Omer reached their destination. The Al-Aqsa Mosque, located south of the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount would be their headquarters while they stayed in Jerusalem. It was the perfect location. Raziel, the Keeper of Secrets and Mysteries, told them that the Mosque stood on the actual site of Solomon's Temple. A fortune in treasures and relics were buried there.

Hughes stood in the open door of the Mosque. "There's no sign of Raziel. The mission depends on him."

Frustrated, he decided to join his companion Godfrey and help him finish the last few sips of wine left from their evening meal. He closed the door and turned.

Before he took five steps, a powerful pounding of the pummel of a broadsword hitting wood echoed through the room. The door swung open. Raziel stood before him in a luminous glow — black hair, black eyes, squared jaw, and radiating ominous power. He stepped inside. "Where have you been? I expected you sooner."

Guatemala, 1426

At the shore, the priest guided them toward the group of men Yang Qi saw from the ship. A tall, elderly, elegantly-attired man stood with Jophiel in the center of the throng of people. He wore a beautiful headdress with blue, green, and gold stones intricately mounted on a wide red, dyed leather band from which multi-colored bird feathers extruded. His face was painted with blue and gold ritualistic symbols, culminating with a swirling azure pattern on his chin. His head was highlighted with carved Jade earrings and an enormous Jade necklace on which the image of a flying serpent was engraved. More bird feathers were woven into a robe draped around his shoulders, and he held a red, blue, and gold staff exquisitely sculpted with a serpent's head. He approached and held out his right hand to grasp Yang Qi's shoulder.

"Welcome, Mehen Kukulkan."

Yang Qi was in awe that a Mayan high priest just greeted him as the firstborn son of the feathered serpent god.

London, 1928

A waiter placed afternoon tea and biscuits on the table and left the room. The doors closed. The English banker, Sir Harold, spoke first. "Gentlemen, since the discovery of oil at Masjed Soleyman, we've incorporated a new Middle East strategy in our long-term plans."

"Yes," Langston said, interrupting to take control of the gathering. "Our Middle East economic game plan is controlling energy production, and the key is pitting Muslims against each other. We want them to seek dependent alliances with the governments we exploit. That design was executed brilliantly during the Great War. It was a critical factor in the downfall of the Ottoman Empire, collapsing it into our hands."

"Oil will be the natural resource for at least the next hundred years. Our strategy must be well conceived," said the Englishman.

New York, 2010

The world of the Brotherhood, Angels, and the Knights Templar pervaded Sarah's in-flight dreams. Her eyes cracked open, and the slivers of light were almost painful as they touched her retina. Consciousness returned to the cabin of the Gulfstream, and she looked around trying to get her bearings. The GPS display showed the jet crossed the Atlantic in what seemed like a few minutes. They were flying at 25,000 feet passing northwest of Boston and would fly south of Springfield, Massachusetts. the rate of descent predicted a landing somewhere in Dutchess County. She switched to Google Earth mode to figure out the final destination, but only saw a sea of green trees. That seemed strange since it was the middle of the winter until she remembered the display was not real time. Looking out the window, she saw there was a carpet of snow covering everything beneath her. Puzzled, her brows wrinkled. Leaving Scotland wasn't a dream.