2000 years of DNA recycling finally came to a culmination. Christopher Makim had the Gift of God to lead mankind to innovative solutions to the problems they had created. He had the potential to shift spiritual consciousness on a massive scale. The question was whether or not the Brotherhood could protect him from the forces of darkness that had been ruling the planet for millennia.

The Evolution Of Human Consciousness

Darkness grew from man’s separation from God and the shattering of the universal soul. Well-spoken political and religious leaders were really interested in furthering their own wealth and power at the expense of the vast majority of the population. Yet, the Light was preserved by an arcane Angelic Brotherhood. The hope for the re-emergence of the light materialized in the New World.


Adam Golde received formal academic training in the areas of psychology, physics and math science. While pursuing a career in high technology he studied Tibetan Buddhism, Chan Buddhism, yoga and other philosophies and disciplines from both the East and the West.  In 1988, he learned the techniques of subtle energy medicine under the watchful eye of South American shaman Koginka Kamaru Xue. Adam brings together the eclectic combination of computer science, quantum physics, the human energy field, Buddhist tradition, early Christian teaching and historical mysticism in a unique series of Christopher Makim Chronicles and the classic battle of the forces of Light and Darkness.


The reawakening came upon us not heralded by trumpets in the sky, but by the gradual unfolding of knowledge that was lost over the centuries. God left the spark of reunification in men and women through the Gift of God in DNA and ignited the spark through the Breath of God throughout the multi-dimensional universe.


Throughout history, human beings pursued a way of thinking and acting strictly for their own self-interest. Its effect was to benefit a restricted elite while leaving many, if not most, people suffering in one way or another.

In the twentieth century, the Ingolstadt Directorate became the embodiment of those evil tendencies. It manipulated governments and economic systems using technology to flood the collective awareness with euphemistic phrases and ideologies. They created beliefs rationalizing and justifying the actions they took. Yet, in all that time, the Light hid recessively in mankind’s DNA waiting for the right moment to emerge.


First Chronicle

Three mysterious manuscripts were hidden at the Last Supper…

At the Last Supper, Jesus instructed his most advanced disciples to hide three mysterious manuscripts…

For two thousand years, an ancient arcane Brotherhood clandestinely protected those lost teachings and the paramount secret of Jesus in a historic struggle with the demonic-inspired forces determined to annihilate them and control the world. The realization of humanity’s spiritual future depended on the Brotherhood’s success and on the appearance of a prophesied modern-day messiah.

Finally, Christ’s genetic Gift of God reemerged in Christopher Makim. Could the immortal Brothers awaken his spiritual inheritance and return divine truth to the world? Would he become the avatar to usher in the Great Awakening to the Light? Could he lead the battle against the dark Ingolstadt Directorate that was fixated on enslaving mankind?


Second Chronicle

Christopher Makim, inheriting the Gift of God, realizes his destiny…

In a journey through the most elite academic institutions and sequestered monasteries, this modern messiah awakens his latent spirituality and scientific skills under the tutelage and protection of the Angelic Brotherhood. Together, they confront a newly perfected biochemical and opto-neurological technology that can give the Ingolstadt Directorate control of the world’s wealth, power, and governments by reprogramming people’s minds.

With his enlightened powers, Christopher discovers a radical science that opens a spiritual point in people’s hearts and renders the new weapon useless, but will he and the Brotherhood of Angels stop the Directorate’s mounting dark forces in time?


Third Chronicle

The fate of the world is at stake…

Darrian Chadwick, leader of the Ingolstadt Directorate, is determined to control the world’s wealth and resources for his own benefit. He turns to a new tactic with the help of the world’s leading companies in robotics and synthetic neurology that will eliminate most of humanity and reestablish a feudal society. A massive shift toward evil is taking hold of the world.

In a desperate initiative, Pope Francis II leads the forces of Christianity in a new Crusade to stop it. The Vatican dispatches Militarus Secundus, its secret army to eradicate the threat. But ultimate success can only come if Christopher Makim, the modern avatar, and the Brotherhood of Angels can open the sacred Eighth Seal omitted from Revelation to unlock the hearts of men, defeat the dark forces, and change history forever.